Infrared Lenses - Plano Convex For High and Low Power CO2 Laser Applications

LOM manufactures an extensive selection of high performance and precision lenses for applications ranging from high power CO2 laser cutting, welding to laser marking, medical, laser drilling and night vision systems. With significant manufacturing and engineering capability, we can custom manufacture a variety of lenses and lens assemblies to meet your specifications and OEM manufacturing requirements.

Lenses Offered:  Plano-Convex, Meniscus, Aspheric, F-Theta Scan Lenses. 
Lens Diameters:        0.5” to 3.0"
Thickness:           0.20” to 0.50” 
AR Coating: <0.5% Reflectivity. Lower AR reflectivity for lenses designed for high power laser applications 
Absorption:  <0.25% for most lenses. Ultra-lenses <0.15%
Surface Quality:        40-20 and 20-10 scratch-dig 
Stock / Custom Configuration:  Most lenses in stock. OEM Quantities Available 
Materials Offered:       CVD Zinc Selenide, FLIR ZnSe, ZnS,   Germanium, Gallium Arsenide plus other materials upon request. 
Coatings Technology:   Standard AR coatings, Ultra Low Absorption AR coatings, Dual Band AR. 


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Technical Note On Ultra Low Absorption Coating: LOM's new Ultra Low Absorption anti-reflective coatings are ideally suited for high power CO2 laser cutting up to 6kW. With absorption <0.15% and transmission >99.4% this next generation lens technology offers better power handling capability and a stable focus for high power cutting where other lenses fail to perform. Call LOM for a datasheet on our new ULTRA Lens Technology.

Plano Convex Lenses Zinc Selenide ZnSe for Laser Cutting, Laser Marking, Medical Lasers, CO2 Application, Focusing.